Supermoto X-Fest weekend of July 2011

 The Supermoto X-Fest weekend of 2011 is the best racing event I have ever raced anywhere.
We had two days of sun with a slight breeze to help with the full leather heat factor.
I decided to do the three classes SM2-250, SMI-semi pro, and VET+35. This will bring me closer to my goal of racing the whole season in 3 classes.
I have been trying some anti friction solutions, BUTT, there is still a problem. Oh well another week of stinging showers.

The Friday night for some reason had me awake the whole night. I knew it would bite me at some point.

Saturday went very well for me in the qualifying rounds.
(Great video from Jarrett Bellamy: http://www.vimeo.com/27285960)
1ST - SM2-250
4TH - VET+35.
The SM1 WIN WAS A START TO FINISH WIN with a big lead at the end. This was a first this season and sets the stage.

 I was knocked off the oldest veteran racing for the day by a 62 year old guy from New York. He did not make Sunday final with a locked back. Brandon, a 12 year old supermoto apprentice rode his first race. He rode very well and gained a lot of speed and confidence. 

Sunday's final was terrible for me, as I felt light headed.
I actually took a sleeping pill to make sure I slept, but the damage was done.
I only did 1 practice on the 250 to conserve energy, but that was a huge mistake. The berms were becoming full of loose powder and I should have tried 450 in practice.
You should always practice line changes in the dirt before, not during the race.

I over heated my tires with the warmers and I could not hit one single apex on the mark.
I got the hole shot in SM1-Semi-Pro Open and lead till the dirt section, then I started to unravel.
I slowed to run the outside line in silt and was passed on the inside by Chris Barendregt and Jerrett Bellamy,
(Note the pass is featured in Jerrett Bellamy's video  http://www.vimeo.com/27559526 ) and a few laps later, by Sam Harris only this time I went down hard into the berm.
I touched his rear wheel and tucked my front end. I was spent when I got up and was passed in the dirt two more times.

SM2-250 a easy race with a first place finish.

The VET+35 was a real battle for third but I could not stick the pass.

There is always a lot to learn and absorb in racing and I did both more than ever at X-FEST.

Thanks to Franck Kirchhoff, Francois Cominardi and all the people who make this event the best in Canada.

Hope to see everyone at Shannonville August 20th and 21st 2011 for the provincial and national races. 

My Powersports Canada CRF450R flies the best table top of the series
Photos by Alexandre Poitras