2006, 20th May-Mécaglisse.

In the pouring rain,
I win my first race in semipro open, and finish 2nd in monobike. The monobike class is a pavement race only. This was a very motivating start to my season –

2006 3 June - Karting Trois-Rivières.

The track is fast when dry, but the rain pours down again turning the dirt section into mud and this ends up on the pavement. I go down in my qualifier and can not start the bike. I kick till death before it starts.
I am not sure what happened. I return to the pit to check the plug, gas, etc... The bike starts now on the stand .. first kick ?? I line up for my final race. When I try to start, again the bike will not start. I kick it till I am finished, when a guy from a K.T.M. tent runs over , grabs all the lines to the catch can, tips the bike over emptying the catch can. He gets the bike going and I take off after the already departed racers. I get by a few to finish 5th for some points. I am glad this race is over, but have learned that catch cans, can fill up just from bouncing on the trailer.

2006 11 June - Mécaglisse. My worst day racing Supermoto ever!!

This is the worst day of racing ever in my life. I go down in practice on a 70 mph section trying to go fast before my tires are warm . I just touch the front lever and the wheel locked dropping the bike to the pavement so fast I did not even realize what happened. I slide into three marking tires with my legs up, catching them in the back of my left knee and hamstring. I am in real pain and am not sure If I will be able to race. I wait with ice on knee and Advil double dose. My pit man Eric Fleury helped me to get my leathers back on as I needed help to even put my leg over the Bike. I decide to race just to finish in the points so the series will stay in my grasp. The race is going well as I am in 2nd when this very fast banzai kid tries to pass on the big air jump, by trying to jump past me in the air . He kicks the bike out sideways and lands on my shoulder, arm and hands, blowing me off the bike.

At the same time, riders behind me jump on the yellow, nailing me on the ground. Eric helps me up, starts the bike, helps me on it, and I finish the race with my front wheel at a 20 degree angle, a wrist which is making clicking sounds, and blood running down my face from my shattered peak(?) biting my nose.
I finish the race in 5th. I get to my bike pit area and the ambulance finally catches me. The Monobike class will run soon, so I ask if they can tape me up but they only have that thin white stuff. I ask Eric to find my 4duct tape and start taping from hand to elbow.
This stops the wrist from moving and the clicking sound goes away. I then realize that is my throttle hand and that the mechanics of turning the throttle requires that I move my whole arm, this should be quite the experience.. I come off the start and end up right beside the same bonsai kid, as he slides into a 650 Husaberg almost sending him off the track, but at the same time this opens a hole for me and I am now passing him for 2nd, as I pull up to him he looks over and cuts into my line as I go for a handful of brake.
I now realize that I just need to finish top 3 and I am in 2 overall. Everyone has a little chat with this out of control guy and we hope all is well next time around.
I drive home 3 hours and realize the hospital will be the next stop, after some sleep

What!! Fractured wrist in the rotator & hand!!! For weeks in cast, my leg is so wrecked. All that amazing ACL surgery for not. I think the season is over, as I will miss Hershey Centre onJuly 9th.
I go to some therapy for my leg to help push all the black blood out of the muscle. Man I love racing motorcycles , what else could be more exciting?

Once you become a racer, only then will you understand the passion that drives us to race, no matter what the outcome of the day may be.

Racing Supermoto has been the most fun I have ever had in any sport, even with the very odd bad day, I live more in that 15 min moto of pure energy.I cannot find this in any other sport.

I have only a few tough memories of racing , so they are easy to put down as such. Most racing weekends are so fun filled they seem to blend into one another.

75”, still alive........and racing Supermoto !
You live more using that last 10% margin for error, than you can in a lifetime!

Steve Scharfe
Beginner's mistake, I forget to check my gas level, and run out.