Jan 2011. Playing on the local pond with friends. Thanks to Vicki Schouten for the great video.

You have to wear lots of body armor in ice racing

YZ 250 at Woodys in Perth Ont.2008

The YZ 250 takes 2nd in the open PRO class , the only 250cc bike in the class of 450 and 575cc bikes. The Bytown news lettre comented on me allways bring a knife to a gun fight. I guess i will just sharpen my knife some more.

Constance Bay Ont. Last BMA Association race to win B2 class championship 2006  

This is the most fun of all! 

2006 Valley Ice Cup B2 Champ

The ice racing put on by Bytown Motorcycle Assoc. was the fastest racing I have been in on ice .

 I rode a vintage 1977 TT500 stock framed Yamaha in B2 class. This bike was fast in its day putting out 35hp built-up with cam, pumper carb etc, but running against the 46+ hp bikes of today was a real blast. The old bike mostly grabbed the hole shot because of the 1st and 2nd gear grunt, putting me in a good spot to fend off corner passes. There were huge crashes all season ,one right in front of me. I just missed the rider but his 450crf took the full hit of my 290lb heavy masher. Crushed rads and shattered plastic, but we survived with only minor hand injury as fallen guy was hit by next bike. I also rode the yz250 in a pro open 2 stroke, against 500cc bikes, this was so fast .

I had a spectator say to me that he had no idea it was possible to go so fast on ice, 85+ MPH , his friends would not believe him.

I will be riding a KTMsmr in the SM1 class this year ,and the 250 in vet35 so back to gym!!

The old bike gets the hole shot once again. If I can just guard the inside line,  the new bikes will have to go outside me, good luck!

In 2006 win BI class title, with my vintage TT 500 1978 .
In 2007 win B2 class title, with TT 500.