Shannonville hosts the 2nd Ont. Provincial and 3rd Canadian National Supermoto round. August 20th and 21st 2011.

Racing got off to a super start for me with two wins and a 3rd on Saturday in the Provincial .

Sunday was a little more tricky with the weather being the deciding factor in my SM1-Open race.

I had put my rain tire on the 250 thinking it was going to pour down for sure. It held off untill the SM1- OPEN which was the 2nd race after my 250 class.
I watched the other riders franticly trying to get their rains on in time. I knew I was done when the black clouds opened up for the start of the final SMI.
I had won the qualifier and like X-Fest was unable to stay up front as I slid off into the grass on a tight chicane. I stayed up and just finished using the rest of the race to test the slicks in rain.
My next final was the Vet35+ and the rain was slowing. There was one heat before my Vet class and that helped dry the track just enough to make slicks the best choice.
That was the most fun for me as I had to come from behind to take the win with a good lead at the finish.
The Shannonville track provides the fastest speeds and some very tight aggressive passes.

My current championship positions are:

SM2-250 -1ST Provincial and 1ST Canadian National

SM1-Open-4th Provincial and 5th Canadian National

VET 35+- 1st Provincial and 1ST Canadian National 

 (great video from Jarrett Bellamy: http://vimeo.com/28175825)

Next round will be in  Carignan  Montreal called H- Games. This falls on  Sept 10TH AND 11TH.

Hope everyone can be there.  Last year the track was very exciting and demanding.