H Games report

The H - Games in Carrignan Montreal has always had a very challenging track lay out. This year they put in a whoop section and a huge double jump.
This section was the race changer in favour of riders in pro motocross. Only a few sky jumped the monster double, as on the landing you were almost into the next right hand berm.
With the speed carried from the jump it was very hard to slide into the dirt berm. In the whoops you had to attack the series of about ten bumps over the back of the bike pinned or you got hammered. 

I qualified 1st in SM2 250 and 1st in VET35+ and 4th in SM1-OPEN on Saturday. My wrist was swolen on Sunday as I have no cartilage left between wrist thumb and hand.
I decided not to practice in Sunday final so I could hopefully make it through the 3 classes.
The SM2 250 was so fun to ride as the track had a lot of very tight turns and the smaller bike is a gass to slide in 90 degree turns.

The Scharfe Racing Team has locked in the SM2 - 250 Canadian National Championship for 2011.

The Vet 35+ was a start to finish 2nd place. I missed a shift off the start which cost me the hole shot. I stayed so close to 1st that I would touch his back wheel a few times.
I almost made a pass when he slide wide but as he hooked up he cut to sharp across my line and I had to change it up to miss him. This cost me as I lost 2 seconds avoiding a bar banging situation. We Vets have to get to Work on Monday and don't do so well with hard pavement get offs.
This made for a very exciting race between us. 

With that 2nd place finish the Scharfe Racing team have locked in the Canadian National Vet 35+ championship for 2011. 

In the SMI- Open I held 3rd till the 2nd last lap but my left hand went numb causing me to over brake the powerful 6 piston Berringer lifting my rear off the ground. In the split second it took to reset the rear into the left turn slide Sam pushed inside and we were in a bar banging situation if I held it pinned. I let him go thinking I could find another spot to re pass. In the next lap I realized I would not be able to push any harder as my left hand was very numb and my grip was getting to weak.

I will be the first to line up for any stem cell research to grow new cartilage.

A big thank you to all the organizers of the H - Games event . They added a real step up in the M-X skills level and the tight pavement section was a great breaking technique work out.