Final Canadian National Championship 2012

The Canadian National Championship, a five race series, and Ontario Provincial Championship, two race series, ended Sunday September 16th under perfect racing conditions.

The Final Canadian National Championship race was a little tough for me because during the Saturday night practice, I was catapulted through the air landing on the pavement, and sliding&nbspto the dirt after I hit the motorcycle of a rider as he fell right in front of me. Having perfected the tuck and role technique I ended up with no broken bones, just some scratches and very stiff muscles to start Sundays finals.

The final race, the seventh time on the track that day, was the SM1-Semi-Pro class and a real challenge because by that time I was all but tapped out. I felt I would have difficulty maintaining my normal pace. I finished 4th place in SM1-Semi-Pro well off my normal time for Shannonville. Overall Scharfe Racing Team finished third in the SM1-Semi -Pro class Canadian National Championship.

All went well in the SM2-250 class, this is my race, I have the most fun racing my 250cc.  The Scharfe Racing Team won first place in Canadian National championship and also a first place finish in the Ontario Provincial.