H Games :-(

I am not saying much about H Games, as I lost 2 weeks of work, with a sprained ankle and a swollen and sprained wrist.

I finished 2nd in SM2-250 and 5th in SM1-semi-Pro.

The huge 50 ft table top and the very rough rocker bumps, finished my wrist off before the finals.
I just needed to finish to stay in the National points for third in SM1-Semi Pro.
The 250 was already a lock but I wanted to keep my undefeated win streak alive.

 This was not to be, as I slowed on the last 2 laps thinking I had enough of a lead, and
with a quarter lap to go, the second place bike, nailed the table and charged into the berm inside of me and then nailed the rocker bumps. Under the lights, I did not realize how close he had got on the final lap.
At the finish line, my front wheel was right on his rear tire, when he hit the front brake to do a nose wheelie, this almost took us both out as I just touched him trying to avoid the collision.
The SM1 class was crazy off the start with riders locking bars into the first turn. Amazing no one crashed, then into the second turn, the same thing again.As the pace picked up I knew I could not be there, so I rode way off my pace just to finish. At this time I had no feeling in three fingers on my left hand. My ankle was sprained from a hit in the big berm earlier, so survival mode was the finish of the evening.

I will not show at H-Games next year if the put any rocker bumps in the track. That section almost finished my wrist off for the season.