La Tuque, Quebec. May 25th and 26th, 2013

During the Saturday qualifying the weather held out, but my wrist did not in the Vet 35 class.

I led for 7 plus laps but there was a sharp tapered curb that sent a hard hit, lap after lap until I could not feel 3 fingers on my messed up wrist, so I had to back off to finish fifth.

The SM 250 qualifier was a win start to finish with real pressure from second place.

On Sunday the weather was cold, raining, windy, etc, and I had to decide if I would ride the Vet class in the final.
I had a flat on the 250 in practice, so the rain tire from the 450 would be used on the 250, leaving me a slick for the vet class.
With my wrist still aching, I decided to play it safe and focus on the 250.

The 250 start had me spinning to much, leaving me with two riders to pass. This was a lot of fun as the leader was riding tight lines and I would have to plan a strategic pass to get by. 

At one point, as he looked back coming out of a corner, I knew the pass was about to happen. With 3 laps to go I pulled to a safe lead for the win.