Shannonville National. June 15/16, 2013

What a rain storm! We waited to see if it might miss us but when it started to drive rain hard we changed the 250 bike to the rain setup

and with the time left before practice decided to run it in both classes.

We figured  that power would not be the play of the day,even at this high speed track.
The rain let up after the qualifiers but there was so much water we cancelled the dirt section. There was small streams running across the end of the straight that would aqua plain you going into the first turn so throttle control was key.
I saw some big high side crashes but most survived to finish. 
My CRF 250 was the best choice as we managed to win both the SM 250 and the Vet 35 class that has all 450 bikes.
Patience and throttle control was the lesson of the day and if you did not learn it you would be very sore the next week.