Icar racetrack at Mirabel airport. June 29, 2013

 The Icar race had a lot of problems for me. The biggest being a flat landing off a jump that had to clear a cement like slurry which would kick you over the bars if you did not clear it. I also started to have shifter problems along with a newly mounted 515 Dunlop that was leaking air at the rim.
We had to add air over normal pressure just to finish the races.
In the final SM 250 I got into contact with a rider on my left when trying to enter a high speed turn with room for one which was very dangerous.
His handle bar hit my shoulder sending me into the corner cones but we did not go down. I took the lead for 3 plus laps until I short jumped the flat landing jump landing in the concrete like slurry which cased the bike and sent my feet 2 feet off the pegs almost sending me over the bars. This action twisted my bad wrist and almost finished me for the day. 
I was not even going to ride the Vet 35 but Pauline my wife and Dave Arnold said  go out and just ride for fun. It was fun to ride with out the energy need to win.
That jump also hurt the planar ligament in my right foot. Lucky it is not the shifter side.

A few bad accident marred the day. One rider sustained a broken leg and another one was knocked out. The ambulance took so long to get back from the hospital that the last race got cut 4 laps before the finish by Icar as it was rented till 5:30. This was not well taken by the racers and I guess we will not be back there next year.

My undefeated streak ended in SM 250 with second. 
Vet 35 finish was fifth.