X-Fest, Mecaglisse. July 13/14, 2013

The very best racing of the year so far was at X-fest. Both days were super hot so you had to be in good shape and well hydrated.

Two  top American pro riders Johnny Lewis and Monty Frank would add some international flavor to the mix.

Johnny Lewis gave a supermoto school to riders on the Friday before the race.

The best race for me was in the Vet 35. We had a grid of 15 riders and the racing was very tight.

In the qualifier I took my time and studied what my competitors were doing.
There was a lot of crashes as every one was pushing hard for position early and the at least 5 to 6 riders went down.

One rider crashed right in front of me off the kicker jump as he did not get straight enough before the face of the jump.
I had a split second to change my line. As I hit the jump as I knew he would be pitched into my landing spot.
His body hit the ground hard sending him rolling to the right, where I was coming down with no room to the side bank.
Some part of him connected with my rad and bent it in enough to twist the plastic shroud. I lifted my left leg to prevent hitting him.
The riders who crashed in the qualifier are the fastest in the class and now one is out out for the season. 
That is why I never go all out in practice or a qualifier.
The final race had me in 3rd off the start and then in 2nd closing in on first when he grabbed a little to much throttle high siding him on the pavement.
I had to slow and swerve to miss him allowing Monte Frank the American Pro to close in.
He was on me until the last lap and I figured he would over jump me in the table top section and would have to flat land them to get by.
I could not push to  flat land as I knew it would finish my aching foot.
That was the move he made and stuck the pass. It was a very fast tight race and the best this year.

What an event this Supermoto X-Fest show is. It is the race to see and gets better ever year.

Thanks to Franck Kirchhoff, all his family, Francois Cominardi and all the Supermoto Quebec group.