Canadian National and Ontario Provincial titles awarded Sept/29th at Shannonville track

I want to thank all the sponsors behind Scharfe Racing during the 2013 season. 

My main sponsor John Mallette of Mallette McLennan insurance

With out my well organized wife / pit crew i would not be able to get my helmet on or off let alone win any races. Thanks Pauline.

The racing was so close in every class with the sun warming the pavement providing excellent traction.The battles were at wide open speeds giving the fans a real show and the riders a huge shot of adrenalin..

I had a racers dream race in the final Vet 35+ class. I had won the qualifier with a hole shot start. This allowed second place to study all my race lines and this worked well for him.  He got the hole shot in the final race and held me off for seven and a half laps of the eight lap race..

When you get to race at top speed within arms length of each other all the passion for racing is rekindled.

The following photos show how he would pull twenty feet away from me in the dirt section (as riding close to one another was to risky).

I would reel him in on the pavement and test his lines. I could only find one spot he was leaving open just a bit. This was a high speed left hand curve and to make it work i would have to really push hard inside and hope he was carrying to much speed to stay in tight.It all fell in place in that moment with the my nimble

Honda at max throttle grabbing just enough traction to get inside of him and take the race line away.He had so much speed that he caught a bit of the grass edge and had to slow to get back on line.

This was as good as racing can get!!

2013 results :1st SM 250 Canadian national.1st SM 250 Ontario provincial. 2nd Vet 35+ Canadian national. 1st Vet 35+ Ontario provincial.