Supermoto X-Fest 2014

This season X-Fest started great with perfect weather and a win in the vet 35 qualifier.  I decided to run the 250 Honda in the 400 cc pavement class with a 21-inch front and 19-inch rear wheel setup. This wheel setup in the past was used in a class called 'sportsman' , I decided to use this class to stay fresh before the Vet 35 race. The Vet class will be all I can put my wrist and bad hand through the jump landings this year. The 400 qualifier had the 450 cc and the 400 cc bikes lined up for the same race. With so many on the same start it became mayhem. I saw a rider in front of me slam into the back of a stalled bike and as he went over to one side I had to change my line to miss him, then all of a sudden, I saw some tires and cones that were on the track right before the apex of the turn. I barely adjusted my line in time to miss the tires and was slammed into on my back side so hard it sent me and the bike flying over the tires. We landed with his bike on mine and I was knocked out.

It took a while for me to figure out what happened: I had a concussion, a ground up elbow, and could not get my head together to make the finals on Sunday. First time in 8 years to miss the main event. I will have some video coming to show what happened before the final crash. There are a lot of photos on supermoto Quebec Facebook, and supermoto Ontario Facebook, which show the sequence of the first accident.

Man I love setting up for a X-Fest race weekend.

The 250 Honda handled so well i am sure to have a lot of fun riding it in the pavement only class.

The start of the Vet 35 qualifier went well for me as i got the hole shot and and set a pace that left me with a full straight lead at the flag.

Everyone loves the Mecaglisse table top jumps, so smooth.Add caption

I had a good push to keep it on the gas

The Vet 35 qualifier win and the last race of the weekend for me.
Just look at this supermoto racers paradise. I wish i could ride there every week but the ten hour round trip is pretty long..