2015 Canadian National Supermoto Championship

  • Racing again thanks to my Sponsors- Myers Chev Olds Cadillac- Priority Wines- Daniel Cernea Insurance broker- Power Sports Canada.                                                                                           SHANNONVILLE, our first race, went great except for a brain fart in VET 35 qualifier that had me forget to turn at the end of the straight after the start.I got the hole shot and was having so much fun with a bullet wheelie i missed the turn thinking of my asphalt only class.I lowered my head in disbelief turned back and entered the missed turn in last.Put my best ride in to finish second. The brain is a temper mental thing at 62.We had to do back to back racing in the extreme heat but my wife Pauline does an amazing job of keeping me cool and everything running smoothly under the Power Sports Canada tent. The racing was so much fun with no injuries and two 1ST place finishes.                 X- FEST , MECAGLISSE race track was a tough race for my neck and i had to let the lead go with no feeling in my 3 left  fingers. Kept it upright to a 3rd place finish.The Asphalt 400 was a hole shot to 1st place finish.                              CAYUGA was the first time i ever went down, hit the pavement and popped the bike back up in a crazy sparks filled save with Keith Fowler right on my tail. Cost me a sprained ankle. Left my boot on till the final heat as the swelling was bad. Managed a hole shot to the finish for the win in VET 35 . The 400 asphalt class had me get passed near the end in the straight by a very fast modified DRZ 400. Finished 2nd. This race was a double points race so i have probably locked in the two championships.               SHANNONVILLE last race of the season, had me in survival race mode. I am not able to move my head to the left and very limited to the right. Held on for a 3rd in VET 35 and a first in Asphalt 400.              My wife is the only reason i was able to finish the Canadian National Supermoto Championship with 1ST in VET 35 and 1ST in Asphalt 400. Thanks Pauline for your inspirational energy  and wisdom . Thanks Supermoto Ontario and Supermoto Quebec for  the amazing series you put together.